Hand feeding Princess Gogi with @sunrise_organic_gardens sunflower sprouts #nomnom #redloredamazon #amazonparrot

Princess Gogi #redloredamazon #amazonparrot

Princess Gogi #redloredamazon #amazonparrot

Today is all about logging footage for a short documentary on the Labyrinth Walk in Riverdale. So fun to dive back into it – some of the footage was filmed in 2013! #labyrinths #yegfilm

Mom-made socks are the best socks

Today I Dusted Off Some Footage

Today I am getting organized

Today I am getting organized for deep dive into my next creative project

Today I Had Dinner at the Inlaws

Today I Cuddled with Berkeley

Today We Celebrated

Today I Snapped Rick

Our office amaryllis is in full bloom. His name is Rick.

Today I Played my PBass

Trying to get those fingers going so I can groove

Today I Made Hot Lemon Ginquila

Trying to beat this cold. Hot Lemon Ginquila: Steep herbal tea and chopped fresh ginger. Add honey and lemon juice. Add tequila and gin. Stir.

Today I Lit a Candle

A little light during dark winter nights. Qwan Yin or Guanshiyin: The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World, the Goddess of compassion and mercy.

Today I Set Up a Meditation Corner

Meditation corner is all set up. It has been way too long.

Today It Snowed

Today I played a Contradance

The Strawflowers playing the Edmonton Contradance

Today I Cuddled with Berkeley

Berkeley is just the sweetest ever

Today Is Marshall’s Birthday

Today I Received a New Banjo Bridge

New banjo bridge! @romerobanjos

Today I Left Camp

Today I Borrowed a Christmas Cactus

My Mother in Law shared one of her beautiful Christmas Cactus to help cheer up my office.

Today I Feel Fall Ending

Today I Took a Walk

Today I Went to Camp

Last lunch at camp #nbcms #bluegrassnorth #yegmusic #bluegrassclub nbcms.ca

Last Night We Jammed

This is where the very late night jamming happened last night. Or so I heard from my bed as I was serenaded off to sleep. Need to work…

Today at Camp

Today Was Day 3 at Camp

Today at Camp

Today at Camp

So much music! #bluegrassnorth #nbcms #camphehoha #yegmusic

Today at Camp

Some of the student band scramble bands from tonight. So amazing to see folks go up and play – some for the first time.#bluegrassnorth #nbcms #camphehoha #yegmusic

Today was Day 2 at the nbcms.ca fall worksop

Today at Camp – Dave Kennan

Dave Keenan at the nbcms.ca fall workshop

Today at Camp

Instructor band scramble at the nbcms.ca fall workshop

Today Was Day 1 of the NBCMS.ca Fall Workshop

Today Out Came the Prime

Today I Snapped

Today I Snapped

Today I Looked at Basses

Today I Snapped

Today I Went to the Last Labyrinth

Last annual Fall Labyrinth Walk is today. For the past 5 years I have been gathering footage for a short film on this amazing collaboration by Sheryl Ackerman…

Today with Princess Gogi

Today Is the End of summer

Today I went to Yogaaaaaaaaah

Today I went back to the mat

Back to the mat! @yogacentralyeg #yoga

Today I Bought a New Car

Just taking the bass out car shopping…