March 2011

Today I didn’t eat shrimp

No sea bugs for me. I just don’t get the appeal.

Today it rained

Walking home in the rain and sun. Photo taken with my phone.

Today I am an Auntie again

Welcome to Kira!

Today I bought toys for Berkeley

Seriously. Can a girl have too many toys?

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #13

Today I played

Here’s another Princess Gogoi moment. She is looking into her food dish. Just a little subtle hint for more treats.

Today I watched reality tv

I am totally sucked into Princess Gogoi joined me in some serious vegging out on the couch. What a pretty bird.

Today I saw a sign of Spring

Princess Gogoi is totally wired. She always gets wound up in the Spring. Watch out world cause she is so ready to party!

Today it snowed even more

Today I watched more snow fall

Today was bitter

Spring has not sprung.

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #12

Today I missed the super moon

So many clouds in my way. I love how the sky came out fiery orange. I even like the graininess.

Today I enjoyed a bit of Spring

Drip… drip….drip… I know it’s going to snow again next week but for now I am enjoying the beautiful weather. Soon the snow will be all gone for…

Today is St. Patrick’s Day

and this is Princess Gogoi singing her heart out.

Today needed some sparkles

Yip! There is a TEDxEdmonton ticket out there with my name on it. Can’t believe it sold out in 3 hours. Didn’t get a ticket? You can sign…

Today I wasn’t at SXSW

…but listened to TWiT 292: Live From SXSW 2011 which was almost like being there. Almost… but not quite. Photo taken with my phone. Today’s great movie: Flags…

Today the snow started to melt

Photos taken with my phone. Today’s amazing movie: Pow Wow Highway

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #11 + bunnies!

Today I almost forgot to snap

Lame? Yes. Done? Yes. And with 8 minutes to spare.

Today sucked… glad it’s over

Today’s great movie: White on Rice

Today I lost a glove…

… and I don’t know if I should bother getting a new pair. Spring is only 3 weeks away…. right?!?! Today’s fabulous doc is RiP! Remix Manifesto:

Today I posted from my phone

…then edited from my computer. The whole posting from a smartphone leaves a little to be desired.

Today I watched Reel Indian

This photo taken with my android phone from the lrt on my way home. One of my favourite views. Today’s amazing documentary:

Today I hung out with Princess Gogoi

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #10

Today I put my feet up

Today we bought wine

Taken with my android phone (in low light). And yes, I was sober at the time.

Today I didn’t BBQ

I am putting this photo up so in July I can look back and appreciate the sweltering instead of the freezing.

Today it might be cold but it’s a bright cold

Look I am on the train… on my way home… AND THE SUN IS STILL OUT! Flippin’ amazing. It might be cold but it’s a bright cold.

Today I thought about Copyright and Fair Dealing

This evening I went to DOC’s Fair Dealing Roadshow hosted by DOCAlberta. My head is still reeling. As an indie filmmaker am I going to get the pants…