July 2011

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #31

Here I am sitting at my living room table and editing video. I probably should have gone out to enjoy the day but I was on a creative…

Today brings more arty stuff

Today brings more mandala madness

Today I did even more arty stuff

I am sure I will be back to snapping photos soon enough… until then here are more doodles.

Today I made even more arty stuff

Replicate Response to this week’s prompt from 52 pages with Darcy Wilkinson of Art and Sole.

Today I am on a roll

More arty stuff. I can’t help it… don’t know what has come over me.

Today I art journaled – water element

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #30

I have been playing. I think I have made more arty things in the past few weeks than in my entire life.

Today I made more mandalas

So much fun. Here’s my Mandala flickr stream. You can join in to Barbara Hagerty’s Making Mandalas: Art Within The Circle course at Wild Precious studio.

Today I made a mandala

I am falling in love with making mandalas. Thanks to Barbara Hagerty’s Making Mandalas: Art Within The Circle course at Wild Precious studio.

Today we had a glimmer of sunshine

… then it rained some more.

Today I installed stuff

Today we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary

Yeah us. Here’s a photo of the Art Gallery of Alberta. Such as interesting building.

Today I art journaled – air element

What we think, we become. ~Buddha This is my exploration of the Air element. I am taking Effy Wild’s The Elements of Art Journaling

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #29

Today I art journaled – earth element

Unfortunately I do not know the source of the photo I printed. I tried for over an hour to find the source but couldn’t. If anyone knows please…

Today I didn’t catch that cold that is going around. Phew!

Today I got bitten by mosquitoes

Today I ate cherries

Today we got a flat

Today I retired Photoshop 5.0

Well, the day I knew was coming has finally arrived. Time to retire my version of Photoshop 5.0. I bought in 1999 and it has served me well…

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #28

Back from a 9 day meditation retreat and slowly getting back into the swing of things. Can’t believe how quickly it went by.

Today I meditated

Ajahn Bram – Easter Retreat 2011 Dhamma Talks

Today I meditated

Today I meditated

Today I meditated

Today I meditated

Today I mourned

Lynn, I wish I could have thanked you for all the wonderful, unconditional support and inspiration you gave. You had such a kind and generous heart. Wherever you…

Today I Didn’t Take Sunday Self-Portrait #27

Instead I meditated and settled into 9 days of practicing contentment in the present moment. Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more…

Today I am practicing

Do not try to become anything. Do not make yourself into anything. Do not be a meditator. Do not become enlightened. When you sit, let it be. What…

Today was Canada Day