Month: September 2011

Today I started Week 5 of couch-to-5-kms

Yeah me. So, I am quitting sugar for the month of October… I started to day. The withdrawal isn’t pretty. I didn’t quite realize how much sugar I…

Today I went shopping

Today I stopped and smelled the dahlias

Today I ran some more

I love the fall light

Today I hung out with Princess Gogi

Today I went to the movies

The Edmonton International Film Fest in on!

Today I graduated to week 4

I am still working the Couch to 5 kms running program. Today in the middle of it for the first time I actually felt that if I kept…

Today I started my vacation

What to do first…

Today I went running

Today was Fava’s Video Kitchen screening

The Metro’s new home.

Today I played catch-up

Today I had too much going on

How do you like them (love) apples…

Today flew by

Can’t believe the weekend is already over.

Today was dhamma filled day

I went to the Edmonton Vipassana Weekend Meditation Retreat with Howard Cohn and then to a dhamma talk given by Jaeun Sunim. Lovely.

Today felt like fall

Today was irritating

Even Princess Gogi was unimpressed.

Today was a long day

I am done for the day. Nighty night.

Today I got through my to do list

Today I made meat muffins

Turkey Blueberry Meat Muffins Adapted from the marvelous Cosmopolitan Primal Girl’s Turkey Blueberry Breakfast Patties. I used pumpkin instead of eggs (cause of allergy) and added some spinach….

Today was cold

Today I was happy/sad

Today was HOT

Today I finished Week 2 of c25k

It feels like a little miracle…. Couch to 5 km

Today I stayed out late

Today I shucked

Today was Labour Day

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #36

Today I put on my running shoes

Yes it is true. I actually own a pair.

Today I had the Perfect Shopping Experience

For the past few years, I have been meaning to buy myself a trench coat for spring and fall. But I just haven’t gotten around to it. Yesterday…

Today it is September

… where did the summer go?