December 2011

Today I drank gin and ginger

Happy New Year!

Today’s reno photo

Today they are back at it

The crew installing more Roxul …

Today I went back to work

Today we ventured out

…shopped for groceries …filled the tires… came home and cooked a roast…

Today I watched the birds

Today I dusted off my bass

Today marks 365 photos taken

Today they installed more Roxul

Today they installed some Roxul

Today we got some Roxul

Today we got our first inspection

Approved on the rough-in electrical inspection.

Today we got a breaker box

Today’s reno update

We have silencers to help keep the duct sounds down!

Today I chauffered

Today was your birthday

Happy B-day Jeff and Darren.

Today we bought track lighting

The electrical bits are coming together.

Today I watched Despicable Me

I need robots dressed as cookies…robots…dressed as cookies! ROBOT COOKIES!

Today I had an early morning cup of joe

Today I admire the 70s decor in our hallway

Today I watched The Interrupters

Today Sophia and Deanna made some art

Today down at The Crown Pub and Pizza Open Stage, Deanna performed some beautiful music while Sophia created this painting. They gave it to Marshall as a B-day…

Today was so warm

We hardly have any snow.

Today they worked on the electrical

Today we bought a door and wall sconces

Oh and I like grey. The adventure continues…

Today I knew it was close to the Holidays

I was stuck in the car while my Sweetie belted out Christmas Carols. Painful? Yup!

Today’s reno update photo

Today I looked through way too many interior design magazines.

Today I got through the flu

…man that sucked.

Today I mellowed out

Today they started on the ceiling

It’ll be a room within a sound attenuated room.

Today we shopped for a door

But came home empty handed. Buying a door is harder than you would think..