Momentum is so precious. I am not a person who easily holds to a schedule. Discipline has never come easily to me. I tend to fall in love with something and become hyper-focused on exploring it and learning and playing with it. That is so much fun to me. But my attention eventually wavers to the next exploration. So I don’t consider myself disciplined and I have never considered that I have stick-with-it-ness. So I was pretty proud of myself for completing my 365 project of posting a photo every day. It actually was less about taking photos than it was about practicing the discipline and consistency to post a photo regularly. Well, I did it (pat on back).

But then I decided to skip a day.

Which became two days.

Which became 2 weeks.

Momentum gone.

The big thing that is happening in our lives is of course the studio space that we are building in our basement (thanks to my Sweetie for doing such a great job documenting the process). It is going to be amazing (I hope) and it will be a space where we both can go to create. So until that is done it feels like things are in flux and also are mostly packed away. I would love to buy a new camera but of course our finances are tied up with paying for the renos so no new toys for a long while. Compared to today’s cameras mine feels clunky and ancient. And being a geek I have a weakness for the new and shiny. But of course the same principles apply and there is still plenty of room for me to explore and learn using the equipment I currently have.

While I haven’t been taking photos I have been contemplating what my next project will be. I have a few ideas of where I would like to place some creative energy this year but haven’t committed to any of them yet. During my 365 project did I become a better photographer? Probably. But I still have so much to learn. So I think I will get back on the bandwagon and continue with my photo a day project until I feel the urge to switch gears.