February 2012

Today winter came

Today I drank a lot of coffee

… and started started a tumblr page http://tobywan.tumblr.com/

Today I am catching up

Today they started the first coat

Today we are primed

The walls are primed and the paint is ready. Getting closer! Oops…. left the high ISO on accidently.

Today was longer

So lovely to take the train home in the daylight. The days are getting longer… woot!

Today I BBQed again

This IS the winter of the barbie… steaks again. So awesome.

Today I renewed my Yoga Today membership

I have been a member of www.yogatoday.com for quite a few years and just signed up for another year of classes. I love being able to unroll my…

Today’s reno update

Here’s a photo of the recording room. They started working on the floor!

Today’s reno update

Here’s the other end of the control room.

Today’s reno update

I had no idea how dusty drywall mudding and sanding is. The stuff gets everywhere. But the Guys are doing a great job. We are looking forward to…

Today’s reno update

The control room window and the place where our desks are going to go… I can’t wait to set up.

Today’s reno update

This has been a bit of a non-photo week since I have been wrapped up in other things. Thought I would post some reno updates so that once…

Today was Monday

Today we picked our paint colours

Today I made a late night run…

…to pick up my Sweetie after his gig in Stony Plain. At 2am, joyfully and with great relief I pulled up to our house and directly crawled into…

Today I went to see Marshall Lawrence perform

Today we got a new door installed

We have a new door. I am thinking of painting it this colour: Red

Today I felt a little peckish

…just like Wallace and Gromit. I think of them when I eat good cheese. I also would like to an invention that gets me ready in the mornings…