Month: August 2012

Today was the start of another long weekend


Today was a long day

Today we made pho

First attempt…

Today I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream

I love this stuff. Almost as good as Cherry Gelato from Van.

Today we christened the bbq

Today was a homecoming

This is the longest we’ve been apart. Welcome home Sweetie.

Today I hung up an angel

Birthday prezzie from a bestie

Today I got birthday flowers

Today I looked forward to a 4-day weekend

Today I played a little bit

Today I bought peanuts

Happy bird!

Today Princess Gogi wanted peanuts

…but all we got is spray millet. She is so not impressed.

Today I burnt a fuji mum

…. abit too close to the candle flame.

Today I bought fuji mums

Today I got my very own bicycle pump


Today I like my bike

Today I admired the raspberry patch

Today I rode my bike to the lrt

Yay me

Today I brought my new bbq home

It was difficult but it is done. Will wait until the Hubby comes back from being on tour to try it out. How can something so shiny not…

Today I bought a new bbq

…doesn’t fit in the Escort though…. haven’t quite figured out how to get it home yet.

Today… yet another bike pic

Today… another bike pic

Today’s bike pic

Today I took my bike out

…needs work and I haven’t a clue how… yet!

Today’s snap

Today I snapped the Princess

Today’s photo is from yesterday

Beautiful Haylie!

Today I went to a wedding

Today I dusted off my bike

It is going to take a bit to get it back on the road.

Today I white knuckled it

Crazy prairie weather… beautiful one minute… tornado watch the next… then hail… then glorious sunshine. And that is just in one evening. Crazy I tell you.