September 2012

Today I bought a food diary

I am going to get to the bottom of my flare-ups. Back to the drawing food-wise. Hallooooo turkey and rice.

Today…. whaaaaat!?!

Today the leaves are falling

Today the days are noticeably shorter

Today… whaaaat!?!

Today I waited for the train

So glad it is back to running every 5 minutes.

Today’s View from the High Level Bridge

Today is all blue sky

Today we walked the bird

Today we listened to music

Today… a train photo

Today I am taking the stairs

The Churchill station escalator is still under construction. It’s one way to get a bit more exercise in.

Today someone gave me a gift

Garden-fresh purple and orange carrots. Yum!

Today we went to the eco-station

Nothing lasts forever

Today we went record hunting

Found some new treasures to listen to at Freecloud Records

Today Marshall was back at the Crown

..with his new electric rig. Loading out is the hard part.

Today I made juice

It’s been awhile. Here’s celery, carrot, beet and ginger. Good for the liver supposedly

Today we cleared a tree

Now there’s a big hole in our backyard. Maybe we’ll grow sunflowers next year.

Today the Princess ventured out

Her first time on checking out this branch. So proud!

Today I took the train

Today I am almost out of the woods

Today I had the worse headache ever

stoopid caffeine withdrawal.

Today I quit caffeine

Kind of feel like this