February 2016

Today I Napped

Missed a great concert but hopefully taking care  of myself and resting was the better voice.

Today I Blasted Inflammation

Yay for magic pills.

Today I Saw My Doc

Always have to wait at least 45 minutes. But I need to have the forms signed so no choice but to put up with it.

Took the LRT Again

Today I Took the LRT

One of my favourite views in the city.

Today I Saw More Signs of Spring

Got to be one of the mildest winters on record.

Today I Said Goodbye to a Band

Bye Hay City Rollers. Sure was a blast but all things end in their time. 

Today I Am Working On Some Zydeco Grooves

Today I Saw a Favourite Band

The Stray Birds

Today I Am Visited by Princess Darkcloud


Today Spring Has Sprung

Today I Started Watching Season 14

Slowly making my way through all 20 seasons.

Today I Went to Tarot Seminar

Today I Spotted Green Grass

Today I Bought a Washboard

And thimbles

Today We Hung Out Some More

Not too thrilled to have a camera in her face

Today I Played with the Princess

She loved boxes and bottles.

Today I Had to Wait For My Ride

Definitely prefer the freedom and no drama of communting by myslef

Today I Watched the Sun Set

Days are getting longer