March 2016

Today I Took the Train

I am grateful for my favourite view of the city…. On the train crossing the bridge towards home.

Today I Gave Her Incentive to Climb

First time I have ever seen her climb up to the perch. Just needed treats as the right motivation.

Today I Got a New Banjo

Yay! Will take it home in a few days once the spikes are put in.

Today I Cuddled with the Princess

Someday she might let us pet her with our hands. Until then its Pellegrino love.

Today I got a New Banjo Strap


Today I Went to the Music Store

Still no banjo…. Maybe Monday?

Today With Princess Gogi

Today I Hit the Road

Playing in Calgary with my Roadie/Chauffeur by my side

Today I Dusted Off My Old Amp

Today Was St. Patrick’s Day

My Hay City Rollers shirt repurposed 🙂

Today I Went to Tarot Seminar

Today I Am Going Through Another Flare

No idea what to do. 

Today I Wiped Out

Stupid feet

Today It Got Cold