Brought the initial version on my first song that I am ‘producing’ to my first Songwriting Circle. It has been going on since the mid-1990s here in Edmonton once a month. Everyone brings copies of their lyrics to hand out and signs up for a time-slot. Then all who have signed up get a chance to play their song and get feedback. Folks write notes on the sheets and hand them back with feedback. It is an amazing thing to share that way and get an outside view from a bunch of others. I was so pumped that I stayed up until 1:00am after I got home working on the song instead of getting the sleep I need to sail through the next day.

I also met with J and E to go over the song and I am finding this whole process magic. E’s keyboard part really lifts the song up and J’s vocals are fantastic. His suggestion to change the 3rd verse into a bridge was so good. Now I hope I can record and mix it all while keeping as true to the performances as I can.

This is way too much fun.