Month: December 2016

Today I Learned a New Chord

Today I Went Back to Work

Made it through the day. Now for panang, gluten-free beer and an episode of The Big C.

Today I Watched Pete Seeger The Power of Song

Another quiet day off introverting. Working my way through as many music docs as I can. Today it is Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

Today I Watch Touch the Sound

I love a good music doc. Today it is Touch the Sound.

Today I Explored The Makers Keep

Cute little local shop filled with handmade things.

Today is Day Five Without Dependable Heat

…. top of the line furnace, with warranty, and on the coldest day of the year our furnace stops. Every 45 minutes or so. Thank goodness it has…

Today I Got My Shining Year Planner

Today I Felt a Draft

It’s cold out there. Think we might need to upgrade the windows or insulate them better.

Today I Was Chilly

Yah it’s cold out there.

Today I Went to Tarot

Time to be like a Sphinx, dream and chill. Stop trying to fix it. No action required at this time.

Today I Made It Through Humpday

It’s cold. And I am tired after a long long long day working at the day job. Glad to be home with a burger and cider watching a…

Today I Posted a Song

I co-wrote, recorded, mixed and posted a song!!!!!! The song was an evolution and started this past summer at the time of the Fort McMurray fires. Neighbourliness is…

Today I Am Desire Mapping

Feeling out my core desired feelings for the coming year. Resilience Metta Radiance Joy Creative

Today I Went to a Songwriter Circle

Brought a song in to the December Songwriting circle that I have been working on in the Cabin Fever band. Kind of crazy how nervous I was trying…