Month: July 2017

Today I Visited Some More

he is sin ICU but on the mend after pace-maker surgery. Heading home soon and my brother will stay with him until he is well enough to go…

Today I Stay in Toronto

So grateful that I have the means to stay in a downtown hotel close to the hospital so I can go back and forth for ICU visits.

Today I Waited in the Family Lounge

They are taking good care of him. Triple bypass and all.

Today We Flew to Toronto

On Orange Air to St. Michael’s.   The view of the Great Lakes was beautiful and made me home-sick. Hoping that the surgery goes well.

Today I Played Banjo for My Dad

Today I Waited With My Dad

Waiting in the Soo to fly with my Dad to Toronto for his bypass surgery.

Today I Flew Back to My Native Home

Feeling grateful that I have the resources to pick up and go when a family emergency happens.