Category: Arty Things

Today I Explored The Makers Keep

Cute little local shop filled with handmade things.

Today I Got My Shining Year Planner

Today I Am Desire Mapping

Feeling out my core desired feelings for the coming year. Resilience Metta Radiance Joy Creative

Today I Am Grateful for My Inlaws

Big hearts.

Today I am Grateful We Have Health Care

Lucky to live in a country that has great health care so my loved ones can be well taken care of. Sweetie for a checkup test and care…

Today I Went to Tarot Seminar

Today I Got a Certificate

Done! Completed the last course for my Business Analysis Certificate.

Today I Remembered

oh yeah….what about those New Year resolutions? Time to regroup.

Today I TGIF

Today I Felt Worn Out

It’s Not Yet Spring

Today She’s So Fluffy!

Breakthrough in the taming of the Princess.

Today It Snowed Even More

Today Sophia and Deanna made some art

Today down at The Crown Pub and Pizza Open Stage, Deanna performed some beautiful music while Sophia created this painting. They gave it to Marshall as a B-day…

Today was errand city

We got everything on our to-do list done. Phew…

Today I arted mindfully

I had a wonderful time at Bob Sinclair’s Art and Mindfulness workshop. “The past doesn’t matter when we learn how to be present; every moment becomes new and…

Today I re-watched a favourite doc

I am rewatching one of my favourite series: Flying by Jennifer Fox

Today was more chilly than sunny

Fall is in the air…

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #33

Today I did more arty stuff

Today brings more arty stuff

Today brings more mandala madness

Today I did even more arty stuff

I am sure I will be back to snapping photos soon enough… until then here are more doodles.

Today I made even more arty stuff

Replicate Response to this week’s prompt from 52 pages with Darcy Wilkinson of Art and Sole.

Today I am on a roll

More arty stuff. I can’t help it… don’t know what has come over me.

Today I art journaled – water element

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #30

I have been playing. I think I have made more arty things in the past few weeks than in my entire life.

Today I made more mandalas

So much fun. Here’s my Mandala flickr stream. You can join in to Barbara Hagerty’s Making Mandalas: Art Within The Circle course at Wild Precious studio.

Today I made a mandala

I am falling in love with making mandalas. Thanks to Barbara Hagerty’s Making Mandalas: Art Within The Circle course at Wild Precious studio.

Today I art journaled – air element

What we think, we become. ~Buddha This is my exploration of the Air element. I am taking Effy Wild’s The Elements of Art Journaling

Today I art journaled – earth element

Unfortunately I do not know the source of the photo I printed. I tried for over an hour to find the source but couldn’t. If anyone knows please…

Today I bought supplies

Today I signed up for an Art Journaling e-course

The Elements of Art Journaling starts July 1st, 2011.

Today was TedxEdmonton

Glad I got a chance to go this year to TedxEdmonton. These cool boxes are what the lunches were stored in.

Today needed some sparkles

Yip! There is a TEDxEdmonton ticket out there with my name on it. Can’t believe it sold out in 3 hours. Didn’t get a ticket? You can sign…

Today I thought about Copyright and Fair Dealing

This evening I went to DOC’s Fair Dealing Roadshow hosted by DOCAlberta. My head is still reeling. As an indie filmmaker am I going to get the pants…