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Today I Snapped

Princess Gogi walking around exploring. She follows us around the house now #parrot #amazonparrot #comingoutofhershell

Today I Played with My Family

Today I Had the Day Off

Played music, hung out with the Princess, it was a great day.

Today I Loved the Magpies’ Progress

Amazing to be able to watch a pair of magpies build a nest. So cool.

Today I Watched the Magpies

Busy building their nest right outside my office window.

Today I Gave Her Incentive to Climb

First time I have ever seen her climb up to the perch. Just needed treats as the right motivation.

Today I Cuddled with the Princess

Someday she might let us pet her with our hands. Until then its Pellegrino love.

Today With Princess Gogi

Today We Hung Out Some More

Not too thrilled to have a camera in her face

Today I Played with the Princess

She loved boxes and bottles.

Today Princess Gogi Started a Youtube Channel

Today We Played 

We’ve spent tons of money on fancy bird toys but all she wants are bottles and boxes. Typical.

Today I Started My Staycation

7 days of introverting … Bliss

Today I Cuddled With Princess Gogi

Today Princess Gogi ate Her Christmas Treats

Today Princess Gogi Wants to Drum

Today Princess Gogi Investigates the New Drums

Today I Rested

Today We Played

Princess Gogi is more and more out her shell. She now walks around the house exploring- so cute.

Today I Wasn’t On My Best Behaviour

Sometimes I am just not at my best and I do things I regret. Princess Gogi though is always brilliant.

Today I Kept Cool

….and so did Princess Gogi. She sure loves gettng a shower. Here she is going nuts getting soaked.

Today the Princess Tried Zucchini for the First Time

Parrot approved!

Today She’s So Fluffy!

Breakthrough in the taming of the Princess.

Today I Cuddled With The Princess

Today I Hung Out with The Princess

She loves tearing labels off of bottles but ignores the $20 toy. Go figure!

Today We Kept the Birds Watered

Having a bird playground is so much more fun then I thought it would be.

Today They Keep Coming

More birds!

Today I Saw a Chickadee

Today We Set Up the Bird Feeder

…and they came!!!!

Today We Planted Berry Bushes

Blueberry, Chokeberry and Massachusetts Bearberry. They will take a few years to fill out but I think they will look amazing and that the birds will love them.

Today We Figured Out Where to Place Our New Rock

Today We Started a Bird Playground

Here is the future site of our bird playground. A blank slate. This is where we used to have a beautiful tree that we had to cut down…

Today Marshall Saved a Bird

This morning I was doing bit of yoga in the living room and started to hear some very loud magpies. Normally we see 4 or 5 magpies hopping…

Today We Bought a Bird Feeder

The Magpies love it!

Today We Bought Blueberries

We are creating a little bird playground in our front yard. First stop berries.

Today I crashed

I had the best intentions. Wanting to plow through that ever-growing list of todos.

Today Princess Gogi Had a Shower

Wow – this bird loves water. She was totally due for a shower. And even though she looks like a drowned rat I always tell her how pretty…

Today Princess Gogi Loves Edamame

Today – a portrait of the Princess

Today’s shot of Princess Gogoi

Beware of the claws of death!

Today is party time

Today… whaaaat!?!

Today we walked the bird

Today Princess Gogi wanted peanuts

…but all we got is spray millet. She is so not impressed.

Today I snapped the Princess

Today’s I snapped Princess Gogi