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Today I went to the park

Today’s special message from Princess Gogi

Happy Earth Day!

Today I worked from home

… with help from Princess Gogi of course.

Today we were productive

Well, I worked and Princess Gogi the Red Lored Amazon Parrot played. While I was writing out my to-do list, I could hear this squeaky, high-pitched whining. You…

Today I hung out with Princess Gogoi

Today I watched the birds

Today was your birthday

Happy B-day Jeff and Darren.

Today I watched The Interrupters

Today I am tuckered out

Today Princess Gogi took a shower

Happy bird.

Today I hung out with Princess Gogi

Today was irritating

Even Princess Gogi was unimpressed.

Today I snapped

Today was hectic

Wish I was that bird up high.

Today I had a hyper bird on my hands

Today I got bitten by mosquitoes

Today we watched BBC Earth

Today I watched some docs

My DSLR is out of commission so I am using a Canon Vixia. Not so great in low light. But I am too busy watching docs to fix…

Today I am Home Sweet Home

Today I saw another magpie

Today I saw a magpie

Some folks consider them to be pests but I think they are the cool bad-asses of the bird world.

Today I said hello to a 4 day weekend

Here’s Princess Gogoi making a break for it.

Today I watched a wired bird

Somebody’s hyper and it isn’t me.

Today I spring cleaned

Today I bought toys for Berkeley

Seriously. Can a girl have too many toys?

Today I played

Here’s another Princess Gogoi moment. She is looking into her food dish. Just a little subtle hint for more treats.

Today I watched reality tv

I am totally sucked into Princess Gogoi joined me in some serious vegging out on the couch. What a pretty bird.

Today I saw a sign of Spring

Princess Gogoi is totally wired. She always gets wound up in the Spring. Watch out world cause she is so ready to party!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day

and this is Princess Gogoi singing her heart out.

Today I hung out with Princess Gogoi

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #8

Tobiwan and Princess Gogoi chilling out to The Runaways. So wish I had seen this movie when I was 14.

Today I saw a Merlin

Spotted a merlin just hanging out in my neighbourhood chowing down on small animals. When I got too close it flew away and was followed by about group…

Today I annoyed my parrot

She doesn’t look too impressed with the whole situation. And yes, those are blueberry stains on her beak.

Berkeley peeks

Today I made a tourtiere

I made my first gluten free tourtiere today. Opened presents with my Mom though Skype. And celebrated the Holidays with my In-laws. And took dozens of terrible photos….

20101224 Gogoi is a pretty bird

Today I started a photoblog

Recently I dusted off my Pentax *istD. It’s been awhile since I have taken any pictures and I have always wanted to learn how to take better photos….