Category: Food

Today I Ate Toast

Thinking a lot lately of eating paleo/keto/LCHF. Somehow can’t get past the thinking stage to the action stage.

Today I Went for Lunch With My Sweetie

Today I Am Grateful for Fresh Corn

Feels like summer!

Today I Caught Up With a Friend

Drinks at The Glass Monkey with T. We solved all the problems 🙂

Today I Checked Out the New Planet Organic

Juice bar = awesome

Today I Started Sprouts

Trying to beat the cost of greens in Northern Canada in January.

Today I Almost Ran Out

So glad I found some Last box too Life changer for sure.

Today I BBQed

…. How many days til summer?

Today I Am Resetting

back to basics

Today I Ate Cherries

Today I Got a Prezzie

Now all we need is some crushed ice and a patio

Today I TGIF

Here’s to the weekend heat wave and all

Today I drank a Little Cider

Sometimes drinking DOES help.

Today I Simmered Sauce

Today I Made Plantain ‘Cake’

My favourite 2-ingredient recipe: baked plantains and butter.

Today is Solstice

Today it was still raining

Today I went back to paleo

Today there was a Tornado Watch

Today I bbq’ed

Twas the night before TedxEdmonton

Today I got lost

I always get lost in the ‘burbs.

Today I was an early bird

Today I slacked off

Today I ate spring asparagus

Today I knew summer was coming

The first ice-cream truck sighting of the season.

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #19

Today is Friday

Celebrating with a little whipped cream.

Today is FRIDAY!

Today… la banana est dans le frigo….

Today I popped some corn… yum!

Today I didn’t eat shrimp

No sea bugs for me. I just don’t get the appeal.

Today I almost forgot to snap

Lame? Yes. Done? Yes. And with 8 minutes to spare.

Today sucked… glad it’s over

Today’s great movie: White on Rice

Today we bought wine

Taken with my android phone (in low light). And yes, I was sober at the time.

Today I didn’t BBQ

I am putting this photo up so in July I can look back and appreciate the sweltering instead of the freezing.

Today I had some vitamin T

… and watched some Michael Moore films.

Today I discovered The Guild

I know it’s -20 out but this is just soooooo good. Bananas and coconut ice cream. Yum. And I watched The Guild:

Today was all about the dinosaur kale

Did I mention I love my greens?

Today was all about the swiss chard

I love greens.

Today I grew something

Yeah! Broccoli sprouts are ready.

Today I ate a lot of blueberries

Today I made a slow cooker stew

…. and ate it.

Today I ate bison for the first time

My sweetie made a bison roast that we picked up from Buffalo Valley Variety Meats. My first taste and wow was it good! Here’s another snap of the…

Today I squeezed lemons

Cause when life gives you lemons…