Category: Haiku

Today I Ate Pizza

Cheesy gluten free
Crispy tomato sauced yum
An ode to pizza

Today I Played the Banjo

Bum ditty bum
Brush Pluck Note Pluck Brush Pluck Note
Shave and a haircut

Today I Felt a Chill In the Air

The light is changing
There’s a chill in the air
The start of the end

Today Olive Summer

Dry gin martini
Olives on a patio
Connect with a friend

Today I Feel Summer’s End Is Near

Soaking up the Sun
In the last days of Summer

Today I Repeated Myself A Lot


Today I Tried to Be Cool

My pounding head aches
Heavy hearted heavy hand
Letting it all go

Today I Was Flat

Breathe In All In
Heart blossoms a little more
Breathe Out All Out

Today I Struggled

Scraping the bottom
For last wisps of energy
Push to the surface

Today RIP Popeye

One hard crazy life
Gone like summer’s promise
Where do big hearts go?

Today I Start to Mend

Brittle shards splinter
Rough edges wear away
Tide comes in and out

Today I Re-Commit

Don’t go to bed mad
Hearts clashing tempers flaring
Cold autumn winds blow