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Today I Saw the Lonesome Ace String Band

I thoroughly enjoyed that – thanks for visiting us out west! @lonesomeacestringband #yegmusic #northernlightsfolkclub

@ruggedthingsask were fantastic last night! Great show to a sold out room of lovely folks

Today I Met Rachel Eddy

Thanks Bruce Ziff for introducing us to the wonderful Rachel Eddy. Check out her music: And thanks to Bill Werthmann and Bettyjo Werthmann too. There were 14…

Times they are a changing #yegmusic #axemusic


Marshall Lawrence throwing in a bit of blues into the bluegrass mix



P-basses are just so darn cool. #pbass


Experiment ‘Turkey Baster End Pin Tip’ failed. The duct tape holding it all together is still fine though. #uprightbass


Hannah and Bruce from The Strawflowers

Today I Played Oktoberfest

Today I Went to Blueberry Bluegrass – Sunday

Foggy Hogtown Boys Sammy Lind and Nadine Landry

Today I Am Lending My Kay

She almost never leaves the house.

Today I Went to Blueberry Bluegrass – Saturday

Isn’t she pretty? Playing with The Foggy Hogtown Boys.   Foghorn Stringband

Today I Played Banjo for My Dad

Today I Debut on Electric Bass

You just never know where life will take you. Tonight I am playing electric for the first time and taking my Fender Jazz out for a spin. There’s…

Today I Saw The Lonesome Ace Stringband

Today I Am Sleep Deprived

Lack of sleep from my role as a roadie/chauffeur/handler 🙂 Looks like the boys had fun!

Today I Roadied

Sweetheart has a gig.

Today I Played a Gig

And my Sweetie did the sound. Who could have predicted that!?!

Today I Recorded a Bass Line

For a friend’s song.

Today I Picked Up Radio Waves

For some reason my xlr cable was picking radio signals. So weird!

Today I Played My Kay

Having a week off with nothing to do but play music is pretty sweet.

Today I Learned a New Chord

Today I Watched Pete Seeger The Power of Song

Another quiet day off introverting. Working my way through as many music docs as I can. Today it is Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

Today I Watch Touch the Sound

I love a good music doc. Today it is Touch the Sound.

Today I Made It Through Humpday

It’s cold. And I am tired after a long long long day working at the day job. Glad to be home with a burger and cider watching a…

Today I Posted a Song

I co-wrote, recorded, mixed and posted a song!!!!!! The song was an evolution and started this past summer at the time of the Fort McMurray fires. Neighbourliness is…

Today I Went to a Songwriter Circle

Brought a song in to the December Songwriting circle that I have been working on in the Cabin Fever band. Kind of crazy how nervous I was trying…

Today I Met Dancin Jack

This Dancin Jack. He is very cool.  The string on his head wraps around one of the banjo player’s left fingers. Then when the banjo plays, Dancin’ Jack…

Today I Recorded – Carry Us Through

I got tracks recorded! I’ve been cramming in the past weeks trying to learn as quickly as possible how to record. Learning about mic placement, audio interfaces, how…

Today I Finished Writing a Song – Carry Us Through

Brought the initial version on my first song that I am ‘producing’ to my first Songwriting Circle. It has been going on since the mid-1990s here in Edmonton…

Today I Went in the Studio Again

My sweetie and I are opposites. We play differently. We work differently. Vastly differently. Every time we join forces on a creative project our communication becomes very intense….

Today I Went Into the Studio

Over the past six months, I have been writing songs with a friend. Not just any songs – beautiful works that I am in love with. Today we…

Today I am Grateful for Jamming Friends

Today I Am Grateful for Music

Today I Am Grateful for Festival Season

Got my early bird ticket for Blueberry Bluegrass.

Today I am Grateful for a Stay at Home Day

A whole week off actually. Starting the day with music and a green smoothie.

Today I Am Grateful for My Pisgah

Just brought it home today <3

Today I am Grateful for Space

Enough space in our living room to set up a practice area. <3

Today I Am Grateful for Music Friends

I meet the finest folks through music.

Today I am Grateful for My Beautiful Kay Bass

I feel so lucky to be able to have one to play.

Today I Played My New Banjo

Spikes and all. Its a Recording King RK-R35 Madison.

Today I Got a New Banjo

Yay! Will take it home in a few days once the spikes are put in.

Today I got a New Banjo Strap


Today I Went to the Music Store

Still no banjo…. Maybe Monday?

Today I Hit the Road

Playing in Calgary with my Roadie/Chauffeur by my side