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Today I Dusted Off My Old Amp

Today Was St. Patrick’s Day

My Hay City Rollers shirt repurposed 🙂

Today I Said Goodbye to a Band

Bye Hay City Rollers. Sure was a blast but all things end in their time. 

Today I Am Working On Some Zydeco Grooves

Today I Saw a Favourite Band

The Stray Birds

Today I Bought a Washboard

And thimbles

Today I Started a New Band

With drums 🙂

Today I Played

Today Princess Gogi Investigates the New Drums

Today I Signed the Wall

Played at the Yardbird 🙂

Today Folk Fest Continues

Proud to be a volunteer

Today I Went To Folk Fest

The amazing Mr. Barry Bales from The Earls of Leicester.

Today I Learned New Chords

Today I Saw Hot Rize


Today Was Day 1 of the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival

Today I Learned New Chords

Today My Banjo Thimble Came In

so awesome

Today I Jammed

Today I Got a Few More Minutes In

Chippin away at 10,000 hours.

Today I Got Some Inspiration

I <3

Today I Took a Clawhammer Lesson

Feeling blessed to have found a great teacher.

Today I Saw Pretty Guitars

There’s a new guitar store in town:

Today I Tried to Yodel

Today I Nursed a Cold

No energy even to play

Today I Found My Sound

Today I Found Some Tartan

Getting ready for a Hay City Rollers house concert at the end of the month and needed to find some tartan to live up to our name. Surprising…

Today My Bass Is Healed

My King bass got a boo-boo. Brought her into Myhre’s Music and Alfie fixed her right up good as new!

Today is the 2nd day of EFMF 2011

Today is the 1st day of EFMF 2011

Except I don’t feel well enough today to go (darn cold). So I am resting up in hopes that I will be raring to go tomorrow night when…

Today I saw an old friend

Today we bought a snake

Today is Friday the 13th

Today I went to a House Concert

“Give It Up” for the lovely Cara Luft (insert devil horns gesture here).

Today I went out on the town

Coffee at Transcend + Dinner at Madison’s Grill + Bruce Cockburn at the Winspear + Drinks at Moriarty + Beautiful Spring Weather + Great conversation with a new…

Today was bitter

Spring has not sprung.

Today I played with my new phone

Here’s my first picture from my phone – the living room is a bit too low light. Will need to try some outdoor shots. Snapped this photo and…

Today I listened to the blues

Marshall is taking his “Ladies” out tonight.

Today I revisited our cd collection

Today I got them deep river blues

Let it rain, let it pour Let it rain a whole lot more, cause I got them deep river blues, I love hearing the buskers at the train…

Today I dreamt of an editing suite

A room of my own where I can edit as many documentaries as my little heart desires.