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Today was Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day‎

Today I went to a thrift store

All I got was a bad case of the sneezies.

Today…. meh…

Today it rained

Today I went to the dentist.

Yeah no cavities.

Today was rainy

Too bad dandelions weren’t a prized flower. They get such a bad rap.

Today I drank waaaaaay too much coffee

Today the train stopped on the bridge

Today my favourite bush was butchered

Sweetie cleaned up the yard.

Today was a special day

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to members of my family!

Today smelled like spring

Today I started something new

Today I watched ants

They are B-a-a-a-a-ck!

Today I went in a boat

Today was a beautiful spring day

Today I am Home Sweet Home

Today felt like a Friday

… but it wasn’t. Don’t forget to: Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

Today I saw some green grass

Can you see it? And there are storm clouds brewing. Sure hope it’s not snow. A good rain would help wash away all the winter sand and dust.

Today I saw a magpie

Some folks consider them to be pests but I think they are the cool bad-asses of the bird world.

Today the snow retreated

It’s almost all gone.

Today I meditated

Today we had another blizzard

April blizzards bring May…. lizards? I would prefer to have April showers and May flowers.

Today I am away

Today I saw snowflakes

But I think spring is right around the corner. I just keep telling myself only three more weeks until spring… only three more weeks until spring… only three…

Today was all melty and stuff

Today it rained

Walking home in the rain and sun. Photo taken with my phone.

Today I am an Auntie again

Welcome to Kira!

Today it snowed even more

Today I missed the super moon

So many clouds in my way. I love how the sky came out fiery orange. I even like the graininess.

Today I Took Sunday Self-Portrait #11 + bunnies!

Today I lost a glove…

… and I don’t know if I should bother getting a new pair. Spring is only 3 weeks away…. right?!?! Today’s fabulous doc is RiP! Remix Manifesto:

Today I posted from my phone

…then edited from my computer. The whole posting from a smartphone leaves a little to be desired.

Today I watched Reel Indian

This photo taken with my android phone from the lrt on my way home. One of my favourite views. Today’s amazing documentary:

Today it’s flippin’ cold Roy!

I hope it’s all in like a lion and out like a lamb. This is a photo of the frost on our screen door… close up and unsteady….

Today is still winter

Today I saw a Merlin

Spotted a merlin just hanging out in my neighbourhood chowing down on small animals. When I got too close it flew away and was followed by about group…

Today I went to the Muttart Conservatory

Today I returned to the scene

This morning I spent 2 hours getting my car out of this icy/slushy mess and back into our garage. No way I will be able to get out….

Today was frosty

Today I went to the mall

And ordered a wireless remote for my camera. Should be in by the weekend for the next self-portrait. Yeah toys.

Today it is still snowing

Today it snowed… again

Today I watched more snow fall

It sure is coming down. This is more snow than I think we have seen in years.

Today I wore my Christmas socks

And stayed in my PJs until noon. This photo was taken from the living room window.