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Waiting for a Train

Left turns just feel like they take forever

Today I Started Early

And ended late. A 12 hour shift and I am wiped.

Today I Took the Train

I am grateful for my favourite view of the city…. On the train crossing the bridge towards home.

Took the LRT Again

Today I Took the LRT

One of my favourite views in the city.

Today I Took the Train

Been awhile. Sure miss the view.

Today I Took the LRT

been awhile

Today I Was Rushing

funny how trains always seem to show up at the most inconvenient times….

Today I Left Work On Time

Been seriously having a hard time leaving at my new end time – feels like I am playing hooky. In the morning not so much .

Today I TGIF

Today I Went Home In Daylight

The days are getting longer!

Today I waited for the train

Today I Like Trains

Today was another snowy one

The days are getting so much shorter

Today’s train shot

Today’s train shot

Today’s train shot

Today’s train shot

Today’s View From the High Level Bridge

Today I waited for the train

So glad it is back to running every 5 minutes.

Today… a train photo

Today I am taking the stairs

The Churchill station escalator is still under construction. It’s one way to get a bit more exercise in.

Today I took the train

Today I went back to work

Today was so warm

We hardly have any snow.

Today the train stopped on the bridge

Today I wasn’t at SXSW

…but listened to TWiT 292: Live From SXSW 2011 which was almost like being there. Almost… but not quite. Photo taken with my phone. Today’s great movie: Flags…

Today I watched Reel Indian

This photo taken with my android phone from the lrt on my way home. One of my favourite views. Today’s amazing documentary:

Today it might be cold but it’s a bright cold

Look I am on the train… on my way home… AND THE SUN IS STILL OUT! Flippin’ amazing. It might be cold but it’s a bright cold.

Today I tgif’ed

Today I ranted

C’mon people! If you bring it on the train, take it off the train with you. I am kind of tired of looking at the crap you leave…

Today I took YATP

Yet Another Train Photo. Cause I like trains, I like fast trains. ~ Fred Eaglesmith

Today I ate bison for the first time

My sweetie made a bison roast that we picked up from Buffalo Valley Variety Meats. My first taste and wow was it good! Here’s another snap of the…

Today I noticed the days are getting longer

Yeah, yeah. I know the photo is a bit crooked. Give me a break – it was a quick mitten-less snap & it’s cold here! Nice that the…

Today I sat up front

The older light rail trains have a cool view from the front of the first car. I love it when the train pulls out of the tunnel and…

Today I took the train

Ummmmm always remember to recharge your batteries. Here’s the picture I managed to snap today before running out of juice.

Today I shivered

It’s flippin‘ cold Roy! I took this photo at an intersection waiting bleary eyed for the LRT to pass. My sorels, toque and long-janes are getting good use….