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Today It Got Cold

Today I Napped

Missed a great concert but hopefully taking care  of myself and resting was the better voice.

Today I Blasted Inflammation

Yay for magic pills.

Today I Saw My Doc

Always have to wait at least 45 minutes. But I need to have the forms signed so no choice but to put up with it.

Took the LRT Again

Today I Took the LRT

One of my favourite views in the city.

Today I Saw More Signs of Spring

Got to be one of the mildest winters on record.

Today I Said Goodbye to a Band

Bye Hay City Rollers. Sure was a blast but all things end in their time. 

Today I Am Working On Some Zydeco Grooves

Today I Saw a Favourite Band

The Stray Birds

Today I Am Visited by Princess Darkcloud


Today Spring Has Sprung

Today I Started Watching Season 14

Slowly making my way through all 20 seasons.

Today I Went to Tarot Seminar

Today I Spotted Green Grass

Today I Bought a Washboard

And thimbles

Today We Hung Out Some More

Not too thrilled to have a camera in her face

Today I Played with the Princess

She loved boxes and bottles.

Today I Had to Wait For My Ride

Definitely prefer the freedom and no drama of communting by myslef

Today I Watched the Sun Set

Days are getting longer

Today Princess Gogi Started a Youtube Channel

Today I Caught Up With a Friend

Drinks at The Glass Monkey with T. We solved all the problems 🙂

Today We Played 

We’ve spent tons of money on fancy bird toys but all she wants are bottles and boxes. Typical.

Today the Staycation Continues

Today I Started My Staycation

7 days of introverting … Bliss

Today I Cuddled With Princess Gogi

Today I Meditated

Rejoined Buddhist Geeks – my virtual Sangha

Today I Binged Watched Rookie Blue

Bad day… Cheese helps

Today I Checked Out the New Planet Organic

Juice bar = awesome

Today I Started Sprouts

Trying to beat the cost of greens in Northern Canada in January.

Today I Got a Certificate

Done! Completed the last course for my Business Analysis Certificate.

Today I Went To Class 

Last course for my Business Analysis Certificate… Totally worth facing the morning traffic.

Today I Went to Tarot Class

Love hanging with such wonderful women.

Today Was Only -2

So mild and beautiful!

Today I Almost Ran Out

So glad I found some Last box too Life changer for sure.

Today I BBQed

…. How many days til summer?

Today I had a Semi-Annual Tarot Reading

Keep Calm and Carry On

Today I Started a New Band

With drums 🙂

Today I Played

Today Princess Gogi ate Her Christmas Treats

Today is Little Christmas Eve

Today We Count Down to Little Christmas

Today We Are Still Enjoying the Tree

Will be keeping it up til after ‘little’ Christmas. 

Today Princess Gogi Wants to Drum

Today Princess Gogi Investigates the New Drums

Today Days are Getting Longer