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Today I Visited Some More

he is sin ICU but on the mend after pace-maker surgery. Heading home soon and my brother will stay with him until he is well enough to go…

Today I Stay in Toronto

So grateful that I have the means to stay in a downtown hotel close to the hospital so I can go back and forth for ICU visits.

Today I Waited in the Family Lounge

They are taking good care of him. Triple bypass and all.

Today We Flew to Toronto

On Orange Air to St. Michael’s.   The view of the Great Lakes was beautiful and made me home-sick. Hoping that the surgery goes well.

Today I Played Banjo for My Dad

Today I Waited With My Dad

Waiting in the Soo to fly with my Dad to Toronto for his bypass surgery.

Today I Flew Back to My Native Home

Feeling grateful that I have the resources to pick up and go when a family emergency happens.

Today I Did It: Day 30/30 Yoga Challenge

Feeling awesome!

Today I Did It: Day 29/30 Yoga Challenge

Lesson learned: No matter what life throws at you, the best thing to do is show up. Do your practice and all is coming. ~ Sri K Patthabi…

Today I Did It: Day 28/30 Yoga Challenge

Today’s beginner class was led by the wonderful Sheila Shorten. Here’s a forest of tree poses all smiling and relaxed from a great class.

Today I Did It: Day 27/30 Yoga Challenge

Only 3 more classes left!

Today I Did It: Day 26/30 Yoga Challenge

More inspiration! Here is yoga teacher Brandi Haessel doing some spontaneous parking lot yoga and making crow pose look easy-peasy.

Today I Did It: Day 25/30 Yoga Challenge

Today’s class was taught by Shu Tian and is one of my favourite classes. Here is Shu in a headstand making it look easy. Well, I didn’t attempt…

Today I Did It: Day 24/30 Yoga Challenge

Remember to stay hydrated

Today I Did It: Day 23/30 Yoga Challenge

Tonight’s Slow Flow & Deep Relaxation class taught by Stephanie McKay was the perfect ending to the week. Don’t compare yourself to others. There’s no comparison between the…

Today I Did It: Day 22/30 Yoga Challenge

Taking one step in front of the other

Today I Did It: Day 21/30 Yoga Challenge

More than 2/3 of the way done now. If it wasn’t for having to be accountable with the 30 day challenge and committing to posting every day it…

Today I Did It: Day 20/30 Yoga Challenge

Today’s class was a Sakalya Yoga class taught by Meera Reid. Om Namah Shivaya. Stay true to who you are.

Today I Did It: Day 19/30 Yoga Challenge

Work. Yoga. Music. Repeat.

Today I Did It: Day 18/30 Yoga Challenge

Still working on finding balance to fit yoga in. Today was a two class day to catch up for missing last Tuesday. I also missed yesterday which makes for…

Today I Debut on Electric Bass

You just never know where life will take you. Tonight I am playing electric for the first time and taking my Fender Jazz out for a spin. There’s…

Today I Did It: Day 16/30 Yoga Challenge

Beautiful and wise words to remember: Your yoga practice should never be compared to your yesterday’s practice, your last week’s practice, your last year’s practice. Your practice should…

Today I Did It: Day 15/30 Yoga Challenge

Some days are more humbling than others.  Tonight’s class was the Hatha/Bench Class taught by Gregory Metzger with uses back bending benches to help open in different poses. Most…

Today I Did It: Day 14/30 Yoga Challenge

Step by step – just keep showing up to the mat.

Today I Did It: Day 12/30 Yoga Challenge

Slow and steady does it. Today I experienced an amazing improvement from the #30daychallenge.  On the first day, when trying pigeon pose, I had my arms straight as…

Today I Did It: Day 11/30 Yoga Challenge

Look who I bumped into at yoga! Another friend who enjoys making music and practicing yoga. Not only does Leonard play a mean dobro/fiddle/tuba/&more, he also has an…

Today I Did It: Day 10/30 Yoga Challenge

I am one third of the way through the 30-day yoga challenge. Some observations so far:  Committing to posting after practice has  helped with accountability. Especially on days where…

Today I Did It: Day 9/30 Yoga Challenge

Today I went to the Slow Flow & Deep Relaxation class taught by Stephanie McKay. It was perfect for a Friday evening. All the crap from the week…

Today I Took a Pass: Day 8/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 8 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge One of the rules of the challenge is that you can do up to 3 double classes to make up for…

Today I Did It: Day 7/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 7 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! One whole week – I can hardly believe that I got this far. Just need to keep showing up on…

Today I Did It: Day 6/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 6 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! I am a total wuss – solution: use two mats!

Today I Did It: Day 5/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 5 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! Definitely had lower energy today but I showed up and gave it my best. Laura and Sheila helped me out…

Today I Did It: Day 4/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 4 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! And so far so good. The class I took today was led by the incredibly strong and flexible Shu Tian….

Today I Did It: Day 3/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 3 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! Sometimes just showing up is the hard part. Today’s class was a Hatha Yoga class that really resonated with me….

Today I Did It: Day 2/30 Yoga Challenge

No matter rain or shine or severe thunderstorm warning – DAY 2 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge got done! Today’s class was a Warm Yoga Flow – perfect…

Today I Did It: Day 1/30 Yoga Challenge

I decided this morning to join up a 30 day yoga class challenge. I have wanted to start a regular yoga practice for a very long time but…

Today I Had the Day Off

Played music, hung out with the Princess, it was a great day.

Today I Am Regrouping

Basic message: Be myself and stop giving a sh*t what others think :).

Today I Am On Top of the World

Hardly…. seems like I am having wires crossed with everyone in my life. Sometimes you just need to step back and get a different perspective.

Today I Ate Toast

Thinking a lot lately of eating paleo/keto/LCHF. Somehow can’t get past the thinking stage to the action stage.

Today I Saw The Lonesome Ace Stringband

Today I Spotted a Sign of Spring

Shirtless guy roller-bladding while playing guitar… looks like spring is here.

Today I Loved the Magpies’ Progress

Amazing to be able to watch a pair of magpies build a nest. So cool.

Today I Am Sleep Deprived

Lack of sleep from my role as a roadie/chauffeur/handler 🙂 Looks like the boys had fun!

Today I Roadied

Sweetheart has a gig.

Today I Watched the Magpies

Busy building their nest right outside my office window.