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Today I Did It: Day 22/30 Yoga Challenge

Taking one step in front of the other

Today I Did It: Day 21/30 Yoga Challenge

More than 2/3 of the way done now. If it wasn’t for having to be accountable with the 30 day challenge and committing to posting every day it…

Today I Did It: Day 20/30 Yoga Challenge

Today’s class was a Sakalya Yoga class taught by Meera Reid. Om Namah Shivaya. Stay true to who you are.

Today I Did It: Day 19/30 Yoga Challenge

Work. Yoga. Music. Repeat.

Today I Did It: Day 18/30 Yoga Challenge

Still working on finding balance to fit yoga in. Today was a two class day to catch up for missing last Tuesday. I also missed yesterday which makes for…

Today I Debut on Electric Bass

You just never know where life will take you. Tonight I am playing electric for the first time and taking my Fender Jazz out for a spin. There’s…

Today I Did It: Day 16/30 Yoga Challenge

Beautiful and wise words to remember: Your yoga practice should never be compared to your yesterday’s practice, your last week’s practice, your last year’s practice. Your practice should…

Today I Did It: Day 15/30 Yoga Challenge

Some days are more humbling than others.  Tonight’s class was the Hatha/Bench Class taught by Gregory Metzger with uses back bending benches to help open in different poses. Most…

Today I Did It: Day 14/30 Yoga Challenge

Step by step – just keep showing up to the mat.

Today I Did It: Day 12/30 Yoga Challenge

Slow and steady does it. Today I experienced an amazing improvement from the #30daychallenge.  On the first day, when trying pigeon pose, I had my arms straight as…

Today I Did It: Day 11/30 Yoga Challenge

Look who I bumped into at yoga! Another friend who enjoys making music and practicing yoga. Not only does Leonard play a mean dobro/fiddle/tuba/&more, he also has an…

Today I Did It: Day 10/30 Yoga Challenge

I am one third of the way through the 30-day yoga challenge. Some observations so far:  Committing to posting after practice has  helped with accountability. Especially on days where…

Today I Did It: Day 9/30 Yoga Challenge

Today I went to the Slow Flow & Deep Relaxation class taught by Stephanie McKay. It was perfect for a Friday evening. All the crap from the week…

Today I Took a Pass: Day 8/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 8 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge One of the rules of the challenge is that you can do up to 3 double classes to make up for…

Today I Did It: Day 7/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 7 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! One whole week – I can hardly believe that I got this far. Just need to keep showing up on…

Today I Did It: Day 6/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 6 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! I am a total wuss – solution: use two mats!

Today I Did It: Day 5/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 5 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! Definitely had lower energy today but I showed up and gave it my best. Laura and Sheila helped me out…

Today I Did It: Day 4/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 4 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! And so far so good. The class I took today was led by the incredibly strong and flexible Shu Tian….

Today I Did It: Day 3/30 Yoga Challenge

DAY 3 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge done! Sometimes just showing up is the hard part. Today’s class was a Hatha Yoga class that really resonated with me….

Today I Did It: Day 2/30 Yoga Challenge

No matter rain or shine or severe thunderstorm warning – DAY 2 of the 30-day Yoga Challenge got done! Today’s class was a Warm Yoga Flow – perfect…

Today I Did It: Day 1/30 Yoga Challenge

I decided this morning to join up a 30 day yoga class challenge. I have wanted to start a regular yoga practice for a very long time but…

Today I Had the Day Off

Played music, hung out with the Princess, it was a great day.

Today I Am Regrouping

Basic message: Be myself and stop giving a sh*t what others think :).

Today I Am On Top of the World

Hardly…. seems like I am having wires crossed with everyone in my life. Sometimes you just need to step back and get a different perspective.

Today I Ate Toast

Thinking a lot lately of eating paleo/keto/LCHF. Somehow can’t get past the thinking stage to the action stage.

Today I Saw The Lonesome Ace Stringband

Today I Spotted a Sign of Spring

Shirtless guy roller-bladding while playing guitar… looks like spring is here.

Today I Loved the Magpies’ Progress

Amazing to be able to watch a pair of magpies build a nest. So cool.

Today I Am Sleep Deprived

Lack of sleep from my role as a roadie/chauffeur/handler 🙂 Looks like the boys had fun!

Today I Roadied

Sweetheart has a gig.

Today I Watched the Magpies

Busy building their nest right outside my office window.

Today I Got GOAT Mail!

From Anony Moose

Today I Went to Tarot

Today I Drove to Work in the Light

Today I Meditated More

Perfect weather for being indoors and settling into the quiet.

Today I Went on a Meditation Retreat

The meditation shawl my Mom made for me worked great. I feel grateful to be able to get away and soak up the silence.

Today I Went for Lunch With My Sweetie

Today I Went for a Walk with an Old Friend

Today I Played a Gig

And my Sweetie did the sound. Who could have predicted that!?!

Today I Went to Tarot Seminar

Today I Recorded a Bass Line

For a friend’s song.

Today I Picked Up Radio Waves

For some reason my xlr cable was picking radio signals. So weird!

Today I Played My Kay

Having a week off with nothing to do but play music is pretty sweet.

Today I Went to Work Still Sick

This cold has a hold on my for sure.

Today I Went to Tarot

Today the Frost Was Still Gorgeous