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Necessity is the mother of invention. Getting creative with needing a clawhammer pick.



Princess Gogi playing in her cardboard box fort (ignoring the expensive toys of course). #amazonparrot

Today I Snapped

New roof installation + severe thunderstorms don’t really mix. #hopingforsun



Out sharing some bluegrass music in the Kinsmen Pub at the Stony Plain Farmers’ Days. Love a Sunday jam with twin fiddles. #blueberrybluegrass #alberta

30 Day Challenge complete!!!!! @yogacentralyeg

Today Is Day 17!

More than halfway through the May 30 Day Yoga Challenge @yogacentralyeg #goingforit

Lilacs are out!

@pisgahbanjos Just noticed my banjo number. Lucky number 666!

Falcon and Owl day at @wildbird_yeg

Spring tuneup #yegcycle @mmbcedm

Winter wonderlandThe sequel

Spring might actually be coming to Edmonton

Today I Snapped

Today I Snapped

I have the whole day off free to play. Signed up for @discover_double_bass Left Hand Technique with @bassicallyfabulous. Time to dig in!

Today I Snapped

Princess Gogi walking around exploring. She follows us around the house now #parrot #amazonparrot #comingoutofhershell

Chilling with Princess Gogi #amazonparrot #parrots

Today I Snapped

…. and we are hitched! Now just need to find a camper to tow. #hitched

We’re getting hitched today. Prepping for some great summer adventures. #gettinghitched

Today I Went to WEM

A ship. In a mall. In landlocked Alberta. #random #sorandom #yeg #wem

Today I Saw the Lonesome Ace String Band

I thoroughly enjoyed that – thanks for visiting us out west! @lonesomeacestringband #yegmusic #northernlightsfolkclub

Today I Went to Tarot


#springiscoming #longerdays


It’s beautiful @ronthestageguy! Thanks for the spirit lift.

@ruggedthingsask were fantastic last night! Great show to a sold out room of lovely folks

Today I Met Rachel Eddy

Thanks Bruce Ziff for introducing us to the wonderful Rachel Eddy. Check out her music: And thanks to Bill Werthmann and Bettyjo Werthmann too. There were 14…

Thanks @ronthestageguy for the dose of spring!

Times they are a changing #yegmusic #axemusic

First time at the RV Expo checking out the #rvlife #yegrv

Yup. Still winter out there. #winterblues

Today I Snapped

Merry Christmas!


Today I Went to Tarot Class

Basically: Now it’s time to chill.

Project Impeccable

Join in on Anese Cavanaugh’s #ProjectImpeccable and have setup a tracking sheet to track the 3 things I will keep my word to myself on. 40 days of…

Princess Pinfeathers – sure wish she would let me preen her without chomping my fingers off #redloredamazon

Recording a bass track on a winter Sunday afternoon #experimenting #somuchtolearn #goingforit



Marshall Lawrence throwing in a bit of blues into the bluegrass mix